5 Ways Yoga improves Posture

5 ways Yoga improves posture
Stand forward bend poseDog poseYoga improves postureYoga improves posture

Having a good posture is a physical attribute that contributes to one’s physical appearance and physical fitness. This therapy and routine pose has made yoga improves posture and correct future abnormalities. When Yoga was first introduced, it was more of a spiritual exercise than physical therapy for man’s health. This spirituality was first practiced in schools of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.

Recent studies have proven that yoga improves posture if properly done and focused on. Apart from improving the posture of the body through yoga, it helps to increase body awareness, and contribute largely on the core parts of the body. We are going to take an in-depth analysis on five ways of how  Yoga improves Posture in our body

1. Uttanasana (The Stand Forward Bend Pose): Stand forward bend poseUttanasana is one of the technique that allows yoga improves posture. This Yoga Posture consists of standing with feet together and bending forward from the hips. In this yoga pose, knees are kept straight, and palms brought to the back of your ankles during such yoga posture. In this posture breathe exchange between inhalation and exhalation is done to release strength and helps you focus on your yoga posture. This posture is achieved more on a resting position between 30-45 seconds. Uttanasana stretches and improves the entire back of the body for good posture and firmness. It also stretches the hamstrings and hips.

2. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose); Yoga improves posture“asana” meaning serpent is relative to the popular serpent posture of a cobra snake. This yoga posture technique is mostly preferable for beginners to improve flexibility within the spine. Bhujangasana yoga improves posture if properly done effectively.The Yoga pose is started by lying and facing the floor. The hands are placed under the shoulders, and the elbows are placed close to the body to allow for the slight lifting of your head and chest off the floor. While this is done, from the waist down to your feet are kept fixed to the floor and to form a depression along the back region downs. Individuals that are new to Cobra Pose are advised to use a slow technique to minimize injury and improve posture along the back region

3. Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog Pose); Dog poseWhile people are still wondering how this type of yoga improves posture. This Downward Facing Dog Pose froms a gradual body movement and pose. Svana meaning Dog. It involves bring all four limbs to the floor with your hands forward and spread apart. In this posture, the yoga technique is to form a “V” inverted with both hands and feet. This technique can be improved upon with the use of yoga block. Downward Facing Dog Pose helps improve flexibility in the hips, back, and arms. It also helps to strengthen every part of the spine for posture. Science expert has proved that this pose technique helps reduce stress and insomnia.

4. Tadasana (Mountain Pose);Yoga improves posture The word “tada” means mountain. Mountain pose is a yoga pose that most yoga expert introduces to beginners first. It might not feel like yoga pose at first, but technically is a very effective yoga pose for good posture. While this might be simple on approach, this yoga improves posture and also helps for balancing. When performing mountain pose, it aligns and helps for general muscle movement. Yoga expert recommends frequent mountain pose for the individual having back pain, for this can lessen pains and improve posture. It also helps to strengthen extremity of thighs knees and ankles.

5. Virasana (Hero Pose); This siting position is another way yoga improves posture. It is done to improve the general posture of the spine for a longer period. It is done on a kneeling position whereby the knees are kept apart, and your buttocks rest on your heels. While in this position, the spine is straight and lengthens. This posture helps to stretch the hips, thighs, and ankles. It also relaxes the muscle of the back improving general posture and firmness.

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