Cardiovascular Revamp

Our body is built like an automated machine that needs some daily requirements like diet and routine check(exercise).

The human body is made up of a framework of tissue and bones that support the automative engine called the cardiovascular network.

The cardiovascular network is made up entirely of tissues of the heart and the blood vessels. This framework helps for the flow of blood through the entire body distributing nutrients, gases,(oxygen and carbon(IV)oxide) round the body. The blood vessels comprises of the arteries, veins and capillaries that serves as channel point for our automated structure. Each vessels is responsible for distributing blood with oxygen or carbon dioxide round the entire body.

If the cardiovascular is the life wire of the human body, How can we preserve or revamp to keep this automated machine still running with a full efficiency???

Revamping our cardiovascular system takes a lot but easy to practice through lay down principles.

Nutritional body requirements is the first key of what your body needs. These nutrients provides nourishment essential for growth and body maintenance.

Foods high in energy source like carbohydrates can range simple sugars to complex carbohydrates like quinoa. These simple sugars are easily digested and absorbed but the complex sugars takes time for the body to absorb them. Simple sugars like table sugars can still be present in flavoured drinks, candy’s, sweetened cookies. Excess of these simple sugars can result to a marked increase in blood sugar level.

Research has it that individuals that consumes between 20-25% of sugars per day has a risk of having heart disease. 

Building your body’s muscle fibers with a protein based diet has been associated with to lower blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. 

Your daily dietary uptake is the first key in having a revamped cardiovascular network efficient.

The level of daily activities is a drive force of our automated cardiovascular system to keep running. There is no fitness professional that ever ignores the essential of routine exercise of the body.

When you engage in activities like cycling, running, jugging, it strengthens your heart and improve the blood flow through your vessels. This helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. The amount of blood pumped round the body is as a result of the level of activities engaged. Giving your body the attention it needs whether from nutrients intake to daily workout routines is the surest way to to revamp the cardiovascular system.


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