Research Proven that increase amount of vigorous exercise decreases the risk of Type II diabetes, cardiovascular diseases in Childhood


Research from the University of Eastern Finland has proven that increase level of exercise from light to intense workout session has proven to reduce the risk of Type II diabetes and Cardiovascular diseases in Children.  This research which was conducted in partnership with Cambridge University, Norwegian School of sport Sciences and Copenhagen University was done on a 2 years research-based work.

This two year follow up on primary school children was measured with the use of Actiheart to check for a heart rate of the pupils.  Within the same period, different parameters like body fat content, and sugar levels was strictly monitored. Results were compared between the different lifestyle of primary students, from Sedentary lifestyle, light intensity training to vigorous workout series.

Individuals who are engaged with an increased level of exercise show signs of low risk to have Type II Diabetes irrespective of gender while children with sedentary lifestyle show signs of increase risk to have Type II Diabetes from their findings.

Health Stats and studies have shown that the rate by which overweight and obesity is posing threat in the world on children is currently on the increase.   Different health challenges as a result of lifestyle situation have been found to occur in the later part of their lives if not properly handled in their early years and at a tender age.

Health expert on children’s health and wellbeing have encouraged parents to help their kids engage in physical activities like squats, crunches, lunges, burpees, butterfly kicks as a way to create a mental awareness on them and to reduce the likelihood of diabetes and coronary heart diseases.

Most importantly the nutritional content of food consumed daily by children has a contributing effect on the wellbeing of their health at their tender age. Growing children should consume diet rich in fibers and essential vitamins which are needed for growth and development.


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