Water Therapy for Slimming Down


Apart from all the benefits like; flushing of toxins, boost immunity, preventing headaches, and aiding digestions to the human body, water can serve as a slimming down therapy. While some people still think slimming down is a magical phenomenon of the use of supplements and drugs, Water therapy can be one of the cheapest ways of weight loss.

So, are you a plus size that want to shred a reasonably amount of weight within a few weeks? This therapy should work best for you.

  1.  Increasing the amount of water in-take; Health authorities recommend a minimum intake of 3.7 liters a day. But the amount of body weight is a factor to determine the quantity of water intake to achieve a maximum result of slimming down with water therapy.  Let’s take a case study of an individual with 150 pounds body weight. Multiplying the weight 150 by 2/3 gives you the amount of water in pounds that you should consume to achieve a result. This gives our value to 100 pounds. That means the individual weighing 150 pounds requires 100 ounces of water to achieve a result. Drinking 100 ounce of water can be difficult for different individuals. You can opt to drink calorie-free flavored drinks.

  2. Taking of water before and after a meal; most people are not comfortable drinking water especially before a meal. The human stomach is built with a carrying capacity between 1-2liters but could expand up to 4 liters for different individuals. Using water therapy could help you slim down if followed. Taking 1-2 glass of water an hour before the meal is a perfect way to start water therapy. This process helps not only to reduce appetite for more but also speedily aid digestion of food, hence reduce the amount of calorie intake. So, the processes all look simple, take more water, reduce the quantity of food intake and get slim.

  3. Drinking water during Workout sessions; Do you wish to get 20% more of slimming down with water therapy? Taking water during the work-out session can help you get an efficient result. Water not only helps you get refreshed, but it also helps you last long and stays mentally focused during a workout session.

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