When I was first introduced to free weight training couple of years back, I really find it difficult to cope with the routines and skills. But the result I had after two months was worth the training with free weights.

But what is actually free weights training?

Free weight training or workout is a training where a resistance is being provided by a barbell or dumbbell, weight plates. Most free weight trainer are very comfortable using free weights. Free weight training is the surest way to build strength, mass and even cut down fats. Surprised?.

Easy set-up; With the least confined space, free weights are very easy to set-up. Acquiring just a dumbbell and kettlebell, you can set up your training environment.


Increase in muscle strength: Due to the number of repetitive curls with free weights training, there is high tendency of increase in muscle strength. Muscle strength are build due to frequent contraction of muscles parts. Individuals that are engaged in contact sport use this as an effective tool.

Increase in muscle mass; Free weight training is the fastest training routines for increase in mass. Having an effective free weights training for at least twice a week is the best way to have an increase muscle mass.

Basic Metabolic Rate BMR; 

Basic Metabolic Rate is the rate at which energy is being used up per unit time at rest.

Individuals with high muscle mass have an increase level of basal metabolic rate. This helps to avoid a prolong period of total fat loss during intense workouts.

Good Posture and Balancing;

A vital value added fitness free weights training is good posture and balancing. 95% of active free weight trainers have a very high tendency of balance in every parts of the body from bones and joints.